Madri Haveli is part of a long history of more than 300 years. Haveli is the term used for a private mansion in India with historical and architectural significance. The word is derived from the Persian word hawli, meaning “an enclosed place”. In the region of Rajasthan, the havelis were status symbols for the Marwaris as well as homes for their extended families, providing security and comfort in seclusion from the outside world. They usually contain a courtyard with a fountain in the centre and two to three stories high.

Madri Haveli originally belonged to Maharana Swarrop Singhji. This property was gifed by Maharana Swaroop Singhji to Maharaj Zorawar Singhji Madri.

On death of Maharaj Zorawar Singhji, his son Maharaja Ajit Singhji inherited the same.
On death of Maharaja Ajit singhji, his son Maharaj Pratap Singhji became owner.
On death of Maharaj Pratap Singhji, his son Maharaj Bahadur Singhji became owner.
Maharaj Bahadur Singhji had two sons, Maharaj Kesri Singhji and Maharaj Nagendra Singhji.
On death of Maharaj Bahadur Singhji, Maharaj Kesri Singhji became the owner of this property being elder son.

In July 2006, Throught the company Madri Tourism India Pvt Ltd, Mr. César Chuffart and Mr. Monish Paliwal became the new owner and renovate the place for 6 years.


During 6 years, it was under renovation, using the same methods and material which were used 300 years before.
Tons of stone were used to give back the same old style and property prosperity.

We invite you to see the various stages of renovation through photos:

January 2007

December 2007

July 2008

October 2009

November 2009

May 2010

March 2011